Patient testimonials describe positive orthopedic-care experiences

At Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic & Sports Medicine, we treat people with individualized, compassionate care — as if they were members of our own families. We want to make a positive difference in our patients’ lives, not just for their short-term relief, but for their long-term well-being.

Nothing makes us happier than to hear and see how we’ve improved people’s quality of life. Here is what people are saying about their experience at Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic & Sports Medicine.

“I had two bone-on-bone knees and couldn’t stand long in one position. I had to sit down. My WPOSM orthopedic surgeon said it was arthritis in my knees, and I had my right knee done in April 2014. It feels good. I did very well, and when I was all done, I didn’t use a walker or a cane. Now, I’m going in to have my other knee replaced!

“I love my Western PA Ortho physician. He takes his time to answer all my questions, and I have all the faith in the world in him. After I get my left knee done, I should be good to go for a lot of miles!”

– Barb S.

“I had always been very active, walked 5 to 8 miles every day and loved dancing. But arthritis took my life away. I would come home and cry because I could hardly walk. My family doctor referred me to Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic & Sports Medicine (WPOSM).

“My WPOSM doctor said my best option was surgery. So I asked around, and everybody loves him: the people at the hospital, and patients. You usually don’t see a doctor with his talent and skill who also has a nice bedside manner. Also, the staff and the rehab people are nice! Their positive attitudes helped me get better faster. I have nothing but good things to say!” 

 – Susan S.

“In the last 18 months, I’ve had 3 right knee injuries. The first was a volleyball injury: a complete tear of my right ACL with three torn ligaments. The second injury was from riding my ATV. In November 2013, I slipped on some ice and it re-tore my ACL and meniscus. For all three, my procedures were performed by Western PA Orthopedic & Sports Medicine (WPOSM) surgeons.

“I highly recommend Western PA Ortho. My knee now feels 800 times better than it did! I also had arthritis in my knee for years, and they took care of that, too. It’s like I’m a new person!”

– Ryan Y.

“My shoulder would ache in the evening when I laid down to go to sleep, and the pain would wake me as I turned. When I got up, the discomfort went away. My doctor recommended Western Pennsylvania Ortho & Sports Medicine.”

“Because of bone spurs and arthritis, my West PA Ortho surgeon did a total shoulder arthroplasty (joint replacement). As time went on I felt no side effects, discomfort or pain. Since then, I’ve had surgery on both hips. I have total trust and confidence in Western PA Orthopedic & Sports Medicine. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get back to enjoying life as it was intended… pain-free.”

 – Jack V.

“We are like the ‘poster family’ for Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic & Sports Medicine. A former college baseball catcher, I’ve had a number of knee surgeries, and a car accident tore my rotator cuff. I later tore my other rotator cuff and have had carpal tunnel surgery, and my wife has broken an ankle and a wrist. Through it all, Western PA Ortho has been wonderful!

“They have great empathy, and they’re consummate professionals. They’re like a high-end car dealership — a very customer-driven organization that always does everything the right way.” 

– Mike S.

“Western PA Ortho is extremely professional, very convenient, very respectful of our time, and their expertise is very high. I felt very comfortable. I trust everyone, from the doctors to the staff. They’re all very efficient. My experience with them dates back 20 years, and the level of care has been consistently great. You know how you’re going to be treated before you get there, and they deliver on it.”

– Matt S.

“In April 2011, I collided with another motorcycle head-on and ended up losing most of my right leg. My trauma surgeon that night was a West PA Ortho doctor, and the care I got from him was second to none.

“I had to take a few years off after the accident, but I’m back to coaching football again!I’ve had lots of visits with my Western PA Ortho specialist, who always showed me respect and care in dealing with a most traumatic injury. All the advice he gave me that put me back together was something you just can’t buy.”

– Bob C.